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You want the freedom to live & enjoy life on your terms.

You're willing to establish discipline to train hard for your results. 

You want effective and efficient workouts that don't keep you stuck in the gym, a nutrition plan that doesn't cause restriction, and a lifestyle that balanced and vibrant.

You want to feel celebrated socially, constantly motivated, consistently inspired.

 You're ready to become the person you always wanted to be.

You're ready to give it your best, and fulfill your gifts.



I have worked with Jeff for three years and he has brought more life out of me than I have had in the past fifteen years. Both physically & mentally.
— Mark Lesset
I follow Jeff on YouTube and emailed him about a skinnyfat program. After six months I feel more confident than I ever have with my new physique.
— Rashon Hughes
From overcoming an eating disorder to becoming a fit and healthy college student. Jeff personally took the lead.
— Sarah Willford
I now run my own business and am in the best shape in my life all thanks to Jeff changing my path and guiding me.
— Derrick Miranda

 If we were handed a script of exactly what to do each day and a written out plan of exactly what our life would be, how boring would it be to wake up every day? It’s the unknown that keeps me up in the morning. The ability to create something the world has not seen yet. To continue to apply what you learn from unscripted leaps of faith and move forward with new experiences and memories that stand the test of time. It’s not about wishing for more hours in the day but rather to get more life out of the hours that you do have. We must believe in ourselves enough to be the person now we want others to remember us for later. Therefore, it is not death that we should fear but rather never truly beginning to live.

        People become metaphorically unconscious in life. Why do they do it? Because they are overworked, they have too many bills, too much going on, too many draining people around them, too much stress, and they just want some form of an escape. This is when people metaphorically become unconscious when our brain really craves to be awake. But we have lost touch of substance, fulfillment, and passion by putting value in the wrong things. We have been so submerged and addicted to instant gratification that we don’t even know how to receive that type of energy anymore. When you see people unconscious and who have fallen off the narrow road and into the masses of average, you look in their eyes and they look almost lifeless and you end up asking yourself if it's even a person you are talking to. The glint in their eyes that sparkled from their dreams and visions of who they wanted to become has been swept away.

        Wake up. You have to stop being sedentary, you have to start moving more, start getting on top of your life, eating foods full of vibrant energy, bringing people in your life that support and challenge you, and really, truly, getting in touch with who you are really capable of being. You must break the mold and take leaps of tremendous faith. Leaps that scare the absolute hell out of you just so you can feel alive again. Once you challenge yourself with something you are not used to its going to be uncomfortable, it might piss you off, or fill your mind with stomach turning fear… but if you persevere and get used to it you get a profound rush off of it. It will make you feel alive and awake. Now as you walk around carrying yourself with your shoulders back you don’t need to escape who you are, you now get to be awake and be progressing towards a life that can be completed on empty one day.

       And that’s my goal for you. To be able to realize your dreams. Unfortunately, the wealthiest place on earth is the grave yard. This is because so many unseen dreams, ideas never acted upon, visions never brought to life lay there forever that we will never know about. But because we are here now we all have a chance to make an impact and a legacy that is nonperishable. The world isn’t in need of any more average people .The world needs more people that are awake. That are living. Being a man or women that walks with a purpose in life. My goal was to create something that will be around long after I am gone. Something I wished I would have had to follow years ago. I want to add as much value to it as possible so you can realize your all is a lot more than you know. There is more inside of you to expand on, regardless of your current situation. I think since we don’t often think about it, unconsciously a lot of us think we are going to live forever, so it’s easy to complain and skip over the little things in life. But of course in reality we’re not going to live forever. So even a bad or tough moment of your life is still a moment of your life. It’s up to you to expand on it and use it as a report card to success. I’ll show you how, the best that I can.


The journey of living the best of the rest of the one life you will ever have begins September 30th, 2016.